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Mix Safer Bitcoin Mixer - Complete Bitcoin anonymity

Mix Safer is an anonymization service that protects the privacy of Bitcoin users when they use bitcoin blockchain

Enter your Bitcoin forward to address, the second change address is optional(more level of anonymity if used):

Precise Mode Payment

Precise Payment Mode: Enter amount to send to First Bitcoin Address, the system will transfer this amount to, and the change address will be used for any funds left over after anonymization,it can be used as an anonymous payment.

💸 Your money will be returned in different parts to addresses specified above

Time of return will be 6 hours | Service fee: 4.5% + 0.0007 BTC | A generated address is valid for 7 days +info

Our fully automated system do not store logs or any information used in transactions.
Giving our users the latest anti-tracking technology
Top level anonymity on bitcoin network

How does the Anonymous Bitcoin Mixer Work?

One of the characteristics of Bitcoin is the fact that it allows some anonymity in user transactions. At its inception in 2009, Bitcoin transactions were viewed by many users within the ecosystem as secure and private.

Today that is not true and anonymity in transactions has become a concern for users. Just by knowing a Bitcoin address, transactions and wallets can be traced back to the user's identity. All transactions are recorded on the Bitcoin Blockchain which is a public ledger.

It is quite easy to trace transactions and wallets back to the identity of the owners since all transactions are recorded in a public ledger. Therefore, there is a need for a service that guarantees anonymity, given the risky nature of investing in cryptocurrencies.

Out of this need arose the Bitcoin mixers. Our platform allow to mix your coins in different transactions. The result becomes untraceable.

Hackers or any other user on the blockchain cannot obtain your bitcoin address from your operations.

Many people want to mix Bitcoin to get better protection. Mixsafer allows you to confuse the trace of your coins, in this way you can keep your Bitcoins safe without having to worry about anyone else tracking them.

The mixer runs your coins through a three different pools of cryptomixer,unijoin and sinbad mixer, taking your bitcoins and randomly sending new ones from a random bitcoin address that have no connection to your old address. Once you deposit btc on the mixer, the service sets a time delay and, once it expires, sends new bitcoins to your withdrawal address.

This is how the system works, plus it does not require any registration or personal data to mix your coins.
Some users call the bitcoin mixer as bitcoin fog, because it is really impossible to connect your original coins with your newly received coins.
Even if the security of the service is compromised, it will not help the attacker to discover anything about your transaction because our service does not store any logs.


What is Happening to the client’s Bitcoins?

First, the coins are deposited in the pre-mixer where they are joined with other bitcoins from other users of our service. At the end of the premixer process, this Bitcoin is sent to exchange accounts around the world where they are mixed with Bitcoin from many other users of the same exchanges, in this way we make sure that the traceability of those bitcoins is completely eliminated, No one will be able to establish a link between the bitcoin you sent and the one we send you. Our service completely removes link between input and output transactions.

Does bitcoin mixing service really help protect my privacy?

If think your privacy is compromised, then it is a good time to use a decentralized bitcoin mixer. People who can connect their identity to their wallet can see all their transactions and balances. These people can be friends to whom you send funds or third parties to whom you pay for services and goods. With our bitcoin mixing service, this information is no longer a problem for you and can enjoy your bitcoin freely.

Using a best coin mixer is an active solution to keep your privacy safe. Many people forget that cryptocurrencies are not totally anonymous as they would like to believe. Rather, they are pseudonyms. That is, if a person can connect his wallet to her identity, he will know everything about her finances.

BTC Algoritm

About the algorithm / BTC Mixer / BTC Tumbler

Our algorithm takes the best of existing bitcoin mixers, it has been developed for the complete anonymization of bitcoin, the ability to receive BTC from the most prestigious world currency exchanges has been added.

Our mixer orders do not carry a tracking order or identification, nor do we mix your assets in one or more funds. The use of mixing codes is also not necessary, our approach is different and involves the highest level of anonymity.

It is not necessary to manually set any portion of output quantities to forwarding addresses, nor do we allow mixing times, this whole system is completely random and automatic.

no registration, no logs

No registration / No logs / Anonymous.

We do not store logs, all information necessary for transaction processing is deleted immediately after completion of work and confirmation of the transaction or beyond the expiration of the address life for non-executed requests.

Our bitcoin mixer system does not store records or logs, the information provided by the user is automatically deleted at the end of the service to increase the privacy of your assets, which is specified on this letter of guarantee, in which is specified the useful life of the address for non-executed requests.

For more privacy MixSafer BTC Mixer is available on the onion network and it can be accessed through the TOR network.

🕸️ Available on Deepweb / TOR onion Url:


Download Tor Browser

always available answer questions provided us with the latest bitcoin mixing software / 24x7 Support

Our Service is operational 24 hours a day, every day of the week fully automated to be able to give our users continuous support and maintain the anonymity of their cryptocurrencies.

Your privacy is our priority, we do not use records or logs, but our service is subject to compliance with the guarantee letters, you should always keep this document, if any incident occurs, contact [email protected]

The entire team and technical support will be happy to answer any questions and provide the necessary assistance to your request.

[email protected] |

lette of guarantee

Letters of Guarantee / PGP key

Our service provides "Letters of Guarantee" which digitally signed show the obligation of 100% of our service to mix bitcoin with you. You must keep these letters of guarantee until the end of the mixing service, to give you the additional security of being able to deal with any disputes that may arise.

These letters of guarantee are a text message generated by that contains the data and conditions of your agreement with us, it is a confirmation of the obligations that the system has assumed towards you and is also the resource to use as evidence to resolve technical and other problems that may arise.

Each Mixing Order of our system provides a digitally signed guarantee letter, which confirms the obligations that are acquired with the client.

Bitcoin Mixer Frequently Asked Questionsmixafer-footer-logo

1. How does the new Bitcoin Mixer algorithm work?

Our bitcoin mixing system applies an innovative algorithm totally different from classic BTC mixers. We have Bitcoin verified from the most prestigious worldwide exchanges and from private investors, which when passing through the exchanges themselves and mix with the already deposited coins of all users, the level of anonymity will be increased and give to our users zero risk of obtaining bitcoin of doubtful character, and it is already possible to move them with total freedom of privacy.

2. Is your system safe to use?

All our users are protected against accidental errors or deliberate actions by means of the guarantee letters, which they must keep saved until the correct completion of the operation. The guarantee letter is mandatory when making any claim.

3. How long does the Mixing Bitcoin process take?

The process to bitcoin tumbler can take up to 8 hours, when our system detects the first confirmation of the incoming transaction sent by the user to the address specified in the guarantee letter. The times in which our system sends you your bitcoin free of doubts are random to reduce the risk of tracking, for that circumstance the time can range from 6 to 8 hours, the resulting Bitcoin will be returned to you in random portions and times.

4. To accept a transfer, how many confirmations are required?

1 confirmation is enough to accept a transfer.

5. What is the minimum amount of funds for bitcoin tumbler?

At least 0.003 BTC is required to perform a trade on our bitcoin tumbler.

6. Does the btc mixer service have a maximum limit?

The maximum limit for an order is 50 BTC, this limit is forced since a very large volume of bitcoin in a transaction is very easy to track, the optimal are maximum transfers of 5 BTC since our system allows several transfers to an order. The system also allows the creation of several mixing requests, you can create many orders as you want, the more divided the greater the level of anonymity since it will be more difficult to track.

7. I sent less money than required, what happens?

Transactions below the minimum limit (0.0007 BTC) are considered as donations, it does not make sense to make a transfer of such an amount, and the network fee may be higher than the amount sent. But if you have made such a transfer by mistake, you can contact our support [email protected] we will review your case.

8. What is the cost of the BTC mixer service?

Our fee for the bitcoin anonymity service is 4.5% of the amount sent and a fee of 0.0007 BTC.

9. Is some kind of record stored in your system?

No record is stored on our servers, all the information necessary to process transactions is eliminated as soon as the work is finished, or when the useful life of the generated address expires in case of not receiving deposits. The guarantee letter is the only proof of our service.

10. What are letters of guarantee?

By providing you with a Bitcoin address to send your coins to for mixing, we also provide you with a digitally signed confirmation that that address has been generated by our server for one specific use only. You will always be provided with this letter signed with PGP, which can be verified using the public key. This letter of guarantee is the only proof of our obligations, it is very important to keep this letter until the end of the service.

11. The addresses of the applications for how long are they valid?

These addresses are valid for 7 days after their creation. We consider that this period is sufficient to solve problems arising from the network or by the sender, this period is sufficient to address all the problems that have arisen, such as delays or transfers stuck in mempool, thus guaranteeing the protection of our clients's assets.

12. The browser has been closed before seeing the confirmation of my transfer.

You should not worry, the bitcoin blickchain system is automatic, it is possible to monitor your transaction in any bitcoin block explorer, such as From that platform by entering the address of the guarantee letter you can monitor transaction yourself.

13. Is it really good to use a bitcoin mixer service?

There are good reasons for everyone to mix their coins, but for those who use Darknet Markets in particular, it is a necessity. New tools are being built all the time to increase the publicity, as well as private corporations and government agencies, to follow coins through the blockchain and track those who use it.

It may seem like a waste of time now, but in the near future, it may be simple for anyone (including friends, relatives, employers, and law enforcement) to track every BTC transaction you’ve ever made and see exactly where it ended up. Breaking the connection between your addresses and the coins’ destination by mixing them is certainly a precaution that all users should take.

how to safely perform a bitcoin mixer operation step by step
  1. The first step is to create a BTC wallet, let's call it Wallet A.
  2. The next step would be to obtain Bitcoin, buy it and transfer it to Wallet A.
  3. The third step would be through the TOR network to create a second Wallet, Wallet B.
  4. Then the Bitcoin is sent from Wallet A to Wallet B.
  5. Again through the TOR network a third Bitcoin address is created, Wallet C.
  6. Enter any of our mirrors, preferably through TOR, with this third Wallet (Wallet C) proceed to fill in our bitcoin mixer service form and our system will generate a new valid address to perform the operation of anonymizing your Bitcoins, which is in the letter of guarantee, keep this file until the end of the process.
  7. The last step would be to proceed to send the BTC from Wallet B, which we have deposited in this Wallet in step four, to the address generated by the bitcoin tumbler system, and the process will start.
  8. It is possible to follow the status of your transaction on the website through the TOR browser(or any other BTC block explorer), once our system have returned your coins to the address specified in our form (Wallet C) you can send them freely to their final destination. PGP fingerprint:

B8A5 CFCA F63F F2D8 384A 6B12 D3B2 8095 6F0E 7CAF

Follow the link to download a public key to verify the letters of guarantee provided by the system. Powered by

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